Over 30 years of experience and reputation for excellence and product perfection.

For over a three decades, Atara has been a leading manufacturer of fine jewelry. Their vast selection of wedding bands give customers the opportunity to choose a perfect match that symbolizes an endless circle of love.

Atara’s excellent service, accommodations, and expertise set them apart from the rest. As special order specialists, Atara gladly customizes any item to fit specifications and budget. All items can be produced in 14K gold, 18K gold or platinum.

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 Atara Jewelry Jacksonville

Atara diamond engagement rings

At Global Diamonds Jacksonville, we offer Atara diamond engagement rings in many styles and materials. Our diamond specialists will help you find the right engagement ring for your budget and style.

Atara Engagement Rings Jacksonville 4

14K/Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring RFCP14W

Atara Engagement Rings Jacksonville 6

14K/Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring RWC14W


Atara Engagement Rings Jacksonville

14K/Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring CT3MQ8250

Atara Engagement Rings Jacksonville 2

14K/Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring R2CVJ14W

Atara Engagement Rings Jacksonville 7

14K/Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring YCT314W


Atara Engagement Rings Jacksonville 3

14K/Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring RCVNH14W

Atara Engagement Rings Jacksonville 5

14K/Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring RTW5B4

Global Diamonds Jacksonville offers:

  • The largest selection of diamond and engagement rings in Jacksonville
  • The best prices and quality
  • A risk-free shopping environment, supported by our 30-day money back guarantee
  • Unbeatable lifetime upgrade
  • Complimentary jewelry maintenance, cleaning, sizing & appraisals
  • Financing options available with approved credit.

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