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The Metals of Fine Jewelry

There are many different types of metals commonly used in manufacturing fine jewelry today.

The precious metal family includes platinum, gold, and palladium. These metals are most known for their inherent value and durability:

Platinum is a naturally white, hypoallergenic metal that reigns supreme because it maintains its density for generations.
Gold is a soft, naturally yellow metal that is hardened by mixing it with alloys. Gold can be tinted and treated to appear different colors such as black, pink, red, and most commonly white. Through time, it is necessary to rhodium plate white gold to help maintain it’s white finish.
Palladium has similar characteristics to platinum; it is also naturally white and hypoallergenic. Palladium’s primary difference is that it is far less dense and for that reason, it is not recommended to use palladium when setting diamonds. Palladium’s most common use within our industry is to create Men’s wedding bands.